Stadium Stallion September 17th, 2014

kurtBeckham When curious Kurt Beckmann visited Miami earlier this year, after his workout one day he decided to do a little personal spelunking. So freshly pumped and primed for a little adventure, Kurt strolled over to the abandoned sports stadium not far from our studios. Something about the faded grandeur of the graffiti-covered sports palace seems to have moved him – or at least caused a noticeable seismic shift of his always-tumescent manhood. Anyway, when a muscleman like Kurt gets hot, he’s just gotta flex, pose, whip it out, and go to town. Lucky we were there for the action – but then again, we know Kurt.

Johnny’s Car Wash August 29th, 2014

johnnyCarrera It’s been while since we checked in with super handsome Johnny Carrera. We’re happy to report that he has started his own business….washing cars. Okay, a lot of stars seem to like to wash cars in our garage. Why is that? Well, we think it’s because this gives them ample opportunity to show off their ripped physiques, hard glutes, and great cocks while giving us a tasty muscle show. No one has complained yet….and we’re not about to!

Facilities Management Muscle August 16th, 2014

ricoWolf We don’t know about your place of business, but frankly we love having the muscular young pup Rico Wolf on call whenever we have a problem with our facilities. Whether it’s our A/C unit, a power grid blackout, or our phone lines, whenever anything goes wrong, we just put in a call to Rico Wolf. He comes right over, strips down, flexes his handsome, supple young muscles, displays his smooth, youthful glutes, jacks in the mirror, and leaves without any questions. And we feel SO much better. Then, of course, we call in the repair guy.

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