Handsome Blond Muscle August 3rd, 2014

kaneGriffin Handsome blond muscle – what beats that? Okay, it may be a matter of taste – some muscle fans like dark, brooding muscle daddies, while others prefer men of color. Still others like their muscle dudes on the young and arrogant side, and Latin musclemen certainly have powerful appeal. But blond muscle is a standard all its own, hearkening back to the days of classic bodybuilder flexing on sun-drenched beaches, where handsome musclemen posed for adoring fans. LMS star Kane Griffin belongs to this tradition. Check out this magnificent young blond in his pump, flex, pose and jack MH.com debut.

The Muscle Boss In Private June 25th, 2014

dragos Dragos Milovich, The Muscle Boss of Bucharest is back, and Whoa Almighty has there been a change! When last we viewed tough muscle crime lord Dragos Milovich back in 2008, he was the undisputed leader of a fiefdom of inner-city Bucharest bodybuilders. And since then? Dragos has ramped it all up; just check out his astonishing physique today! Rippling abs, bulging-boulder pecs, thick slabs of traps, peaking biceps, rolling delts and quads – and what an ASS! In the first of two scenes, Dragos reveals just what makes massive Eastern European muscle so mouthwateringly irresistible.

Gianluigi Goes to Rio – Part 1 May 29th, 2014

GianluigiVolti Sicilian LMS superstar Gianluigi Volti loves to travel. In fact, since we first premiered this Internet muscle sensation in 2012, the handsome, super-ripped, super-hung, super-sexy bodybuilder has been on an extended world tour, training in specially selected gyms and flexing his prodigious muscles for special friends in private surroundings. Now Gianluigi finds himself in Rio, and for the first installment of this 2-part series, he’s in a private penthouse overlooking Copacabana Beach. Hard to say which is the greater panorama: the ocean, or Gianluigi’s magnificent musculature?

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